South Carolina Transgender Bathroom Bill Dies, But New Fight Looms

A South Carolina bill that targets transgender people appears to be dead for this legislative session

Lawyer Who Challenged Mississippi's Gay Marriage Ban Says New Law May Violate Order

Roberta Kaplan, the lawyer who challenged Mississippi's gay marriage ban and won, said this week that a 'religious freedom' law might violate the federal judge's order that struck down the marriage ban

Colombia Becomes Fourth Latin American Nation To Allow Gay Marriage

Colombia on Thursday became the fourth Latin American nation to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam Signs Bill Allowing Therapists To Refuse Treatment To LGBT Clients

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam on Wednesday signed a controversial bill into law that allows mental health therapists and counselors to turn away LGBT clients

Rick Wiles Warns Target's Transgender Bathroom Policy Will Spark Nuclear War

Far-right radio host Rick Wiles on Monday warned listeners that Target's policy of allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice would lead to nuclear annihilation

Missouri House Committee Rejects Bill That Sought To Protect Gay Marriage Foes

A Missouri House committee on Wednesday rejected a so-called religious freedom bill that sought to protect people opposed to the marriages of gay and lesbian couples

Cory Booker, Patty Murray Introduce Bill Protecting LGBT People From Conversion Therapy

Democratic Senators Patty Murray and Cory Booker on Thursday introduced a bill that would ban therapies aimed at altering a person's sexual orientation or gender identity

Portland, Maine Bans Travel To North Carolina, Mississippi Over Anti-Gay Laws

Portland, Maine is the latest municipality to bar city workers from traveling to Mississippi and North Carolina in response to recently enacted anti-gay laws in those states

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Says He Would Veto Transgender Bathroom Bill

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, on Tuesday said that he would veto a bill that prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice

Oxford, Alabama Outlaws Target's Transgender Bathroom Policy

Oxford, Alabama, population 21,000, on Tuesday responded to Target's bathroom policy by making it illegal for transgender people to use the bathroom that they identify with

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