'You Are Not Alone': Catholic Group Calls On Gay Marriage Opponents To Come Out

A group has released a video asking for tolerance for those who feel 'oppressed' by gay marriage

Ohio Bill Would Protect Clergy Who Refuse To Marry Gay Couples

An Ohio lawmaker has proposed a bill that would protect clergy opposed to marriage equality from marrying gay and lesbian couples

Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres Offer Messages Of Support For Gay Teen

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres are among the thousands of people who responded to a gay teen's viral photo

Gay Couple Sues Texas County Clerk For Refusing To Issue Marriage License

A gay couple together 27 years has filed a lawsuit against the Texas county clerk who has refused to issue them a marriage license

Ted Cruz: Justices 'Disregarded Text Of Constitution' In Gay Marriage Ruling

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz expanded on his comments that America had seen one of its worst 24 hours with the Supreme Court's rulings on marriage and Obamacare

Rick Santorum: Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling 'Nail In The Coffin' For Marriage

Rick Santorum claimed Sunday that the Supreme Court damaged the institution of marriage when it ruled that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry in all 50 states

Colorado Ballot Measure Would Prohibit Gay Couples From Marrying

A proposed amendment to the Colorado Constitution seeks to prohibit gay and lesbian couples from marrying

Chris Christie: 'Christie-Type Of Judges' Would Not Have Approved Gay Marriage

Chris Christie on Sunday said that the type of judges he nominated to the New Jersey Supreme Court would not have struck down state gay marriage bans