John Kerry's Apology For Past LGBT Discrimination Deleted From State Department's Website

An apology issued by John Kerry to State Department employees who were discriminated against or fired in the past because of their sexuality has been removed from the agency's website

Sean Spicer Uncertain Whether Trump Will Undo Obama's LGBT Nondiscrimination Order

Asked Monday whether Trump will undo an executive order that bans anti-LGBT workplace discrimination, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer answered that he's unsure

D.C. Crowd Chants 'Shame On You' At Pat McCrory

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory faced an angry crowd in D.C. who chased him down the street chanting 'Shame on you!' and calling him an 'anti-gay bigot'

Lush's Valentine's Day Campaign Features Gay Couples

Lush Cosmetics has released a Valentine's Day campaign that features gay couples

Madonna, Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox, Miley Cyrus, Lance Bass Take Part In Women's March

Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox, Lance Bass, Lily Tomlin and Lea DeLaria were among the out celebrities who participated in Saturday's Women's March on Washington and sister rallies around the world

GOP Leaders Pressure Texas' Highest Court To Hear Gay Marriage Case

Pressured by Republican leaders, the Texas Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a case involving benefits being offered by the city of Houston to married gay and lesbian couples

Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Concedes Defeat, Departs To Guinea

Gambia's former President Yahya Jammeh, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, on Saturday boarded a plane to Guinea after conceding defeat

Trump's White House Website Takes Down LGBT Page

A page devoted to LGBT issues on the White House website was taken down after President Donald Trump took office on Friday

Virginia: GOP-Led Committee Kills Transgender 'Bathroom Bill'

A Republican-led committee on Thursday killed a bill that sought to bar transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice

Cher, Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro Protest Trump Inauguration

A bevy of celebrities on Thursday attended a massive protest against President-elect Donald Trump

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