Nebraska's Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down; Ruling Effective March 9

A federal judge on Monday struck down Nebraska's ban on gay marriage

FRC, NOM Back Arkansas Bill That Allows Businesses To Refuse Gays

The Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage are backing an Arkansas bill that seeks to allow businesses to refuse service to gay men and lesbians

David Benham Suggests Kind Gestures Can Turn Gays Straight

Christian conservative celebrity David Benham recently claimed that a kind gesture on his part convinced a gay man to 'walk away from his lifestyle'

Jeb Bush At CPAC Reiterates Opposition To Marriage Equality

Appearing Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, potential GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush said he remains opposed to gay marriage

Cop Who Objected To Riding At Head Of Gay Pride Parade Says He Loves Gays

Eric Moutsos, the former Salt Lake city policeman who objected to riding at the head of a Gay Pride parade, says he has many LGBT friends

Roughly 50 Clergy In Nebraska Pledge To Marry Gay Couples If Ban Struck Down

A week after a federal judge heard arguments in a challenge to Nebraska's ban on gay marriage, about 50 clergy have pledged to marry gay couples if the ban is overturned

Texas Legislators Celebrate 10th Anniversary Of Gay Marriage Ban With Cake

Texas legislators this week celebrated the 10th anniversary of the state's ban on gay marriage

Jeb Bush Might Be 'Evolving' On Gay Marriage, GOP Supporter Says

In reporting on some of Jeb Bush's hires for his presidential campaign, BuzzFeed quoted a GOP supporter as saying that the former governor may be 'evolving' on gay marriage