Finland Is 12th European Nation To Legalize Gay Marriage

Nearly two years after it rejected a gay marriage bill, the Finnish parliament on Friday narrowly reversed itself

Mississippi Asks Appeals Court To Stay Ruling Overturning State's Gay Marriage Ban

Mississippi officials on Wednesday asked a federal appeals court to stay a federal judge's ruling striking down the state's ban on gay marriage as an appeal is pursued

Pat Robertson's Thanksgiving Message: Gay Rights Threaten Pilgrims' Legacy

Televangelist Pat Robertson said Wednesday that gay rights threaten everything the pilgrims and the founding fathers built

Linda Harvey: Anti-Gay Book Perfect Christmas Gift For Those 'Who Claim To Be Gay'

Christian conservative Linda Harvey has the perfect gift idea for gay people on your holiday list: her book which urges people to 'leave the homosexual lifestyle'

Mike Huckabee Suggests Gay Rights Could Lead To Nazi-Style Takeover

After visiting Nazi concentration camps in Poland, Mike Huckabee suggested that gay rights could lead to a Nazi takeover

Gay Marriage Bill Introduced In Australia

New South Wales Senator David Leyonhjelm on Wednesday introduced a bill which seeks to allow gay couples to marry in Australia

Pastor James Manning: If I Were 'Homosexual Sodomite' I'd Hang Myself From An Oak Tree

A pastor known for his opposition to gay rights has criticized an On Top Magazine story about him tweeting a parody video of himself confessing to be a 'homosexual sodomite'

13-Year-Old's Coming Out To 'Best Bro' Goes Viral

A 13-year-old's coming out to his 'best bro' has gone viral on social media