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At Heritage Foundation, Trump Says Judges Should 'Interpret Constitution As Written'

President Trump on Tuesday addressed the Heritage Foundation at its annual President's Club meeting, at which he praised the social conservative group known for its opposition to LGBT rights

White House Denies Trump Joked That Mike Pence 'Wants To Hang' All Gay People

The White House on Tuesday denied an anecdote found in a The New Yorker article about President Donald Trump joking that Vice President Mike Pence 'wants to hang' all gay people

Trump Won't Say Whether He Disagrees With Roy Moore's View That Gay Sex Should Be Illegal

During a news conference at the White House Rose Garden, President Trump ignored a question from a reporter on whether he disagrees with a senate candidate's opposition to LGBT rights

Fox News' Shepard Smith Describes Group That Hosted Trump As Homophobic

Out Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has described the organization that hosted President Donald Trump over the weekend as homophobic

Trump Once Joked That Mike Pence 'Wants To Hang' All Gay People

In a The New Yorker article, President Donald Trump is quoted as joking that Vice President Mike Pence 'wants to hang' all gay people

House Bill Would Block Trump's Ban On Transgender Troops

A bipartisan group of House members introduced legislation on Friday which seeks to block President Donald Trump's ban on transgender troops

Tom Daley Slams 'Homophobic' Trump

British Olympic diver Tom Daley on Thursday criticized President Donald Trump

Trump To Speak At Values Voter Summit Organized By Anti-LGBT Groups

President Donald Trump will speak at this year's Values Voter Summit

Tony Perkins, Mat Staver Praise Trump's Rollback Of Protections For Transgender Workers

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), and Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, are among the conservatives praising rollback of protections for transgender workers

Caitlyn Jenner Outraged By Trump's Attacks On Transgender Community

Olympian and reality star Caitlyn Jenner on Thursday expressed her outrage over the Trump administration's attacks on the transgender community

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