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Virginia Legislature Okays Bill Which Protects Gay Marriage Foes

A bill which seeks to protect opponents of marriage equality cleared the Virginia Legislature on Monday

TN Republicans Walk Out Of Presser About Gay Marriage Ban Bill

Two Tennessee Republican lawmakers on Thursday walked out of their own press conference to avoid protesters

Supreme Court Asked To Reverse Arkansas Law That Denies Birth Certificates For Gay Couples

A ruling that upholds an Arkansas law that denies birth certificates for same-sex married couples has been appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court

Church Of England Rejects Report Opposed To Gay Marriage

The Church of England on Wednesday rejected a report opposed to marriage equality

Peruvian Lawmakers Introduce Gay Marriage Bill On Valentine's Day

A bill that would end gay and lesbian couples being excluded from marriage was introduced on Valentine's Day in Peru

Tennessee Republicans Introduce Bills To Ban Gay Marriage

Two Tennessee Republican lawmakers are backing a bill that appears to ban same-sex marriage in the state

Chuck Cooper, Who Defended Prop 8, Withdraws From Consideration As Solicitor General

Chuck Cooper on Thursday withdrew his name from consideration to be the next solicitor general

Anti-Gay Group AFA Urges Trump To Sign 'Religious Freedom' Order

Christian conservative group the American Family Association (AFA) has launched a petition calling on President Donald Trump to sign an executive order on 'religious freedom'

Graphic Artist Says Colorado Law Forces Her To Promote Gay Marriage

A Colorado graphic artist claims in her lawsuit that the state's non-discrimination law forces her to promote same-sex marriage against her religious beliefs

Arkansas Republican Seeks Constitutional Convention To Ban Gay Marriage

An Arkansas Republican has introduced a bill that calls for a constitutional convention to ban same-sex marriage throughout the United States

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