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Australia: Support For Gay Marriage Falls In New Poll

A new poll shows support for marriage equality in Australia has weakened

Tori Amos Doesn't Understand How Christians Can Oppose Gay Marriage

Singer-songwriter Tori Amos said in a new interview that she doesn't understand how Christians can oppose same-sex marriage

Pizza Shop Alters Meaning Of Anti-Gay Marriage Billboard

A pizza shop in Australia has cleverly altered the meaning of a billboard encouraging Australians to vote against legalizing same-sex marriage

Elton John Encourages Australians To Vote For Same-Sex Marriage

British singer Sir Elton John on Thursday encouraged Australians to vote for same-sex marriage

Two Lesbian Couples Challenge Michigan's 'Religious Freedom' Adoption Law

The American Civil Liberties Union and ACLU of Michigan on Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit challenging Michigan's anti-LGBT religious freedom adoption law

Sam Smith Urges Australia To 'Change For The Better' As Same-Sex Marriage Vote Begins

Out British singer Sam Smith has called on Australians to 'change for the better' as voters there begin casting their votes on whether same-sex marriage should be legalized

Liam Hemsworth Calls Same-Sex Marriage 'A Human Right'

Actor Liam Hemsworth has called on Australians to vote in favor of same-sex marriage

Same-Sex Marriage Opponents To Hold 'Straight Lives Matter' Rally In Sydney's Gay Village

Opponents of same-sex marriage in Australia are planning to hold a 'straight lives matter' rally on Saturday to promote 'white heteronormativity'

'13 Reasons Why' Star Brandon Flynn Comes Out; Condemns Anti-Gay Equality Campaign

Brandon Flynn, who is best known for playing Justin Foley in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, has come out

Poll Finds Majority Support For Gay Marriage In Northern Ireland

A new survey released this week found majority support for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland

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