Theodore Shoebat Blames Victims Of Manchester Bombing For Supporting LGBT Rights

Christian conservative Theodore Shoebat has reacted to Monday's bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England by criticizing the victims of the attack

Chechen Police Have Killed 26 Gay Men, Russian Newspaper Reports

A campaign to rid Chechnya of sexual minorities has resulted in the deaths of 26 gay men, the Russian newspaper that first broke the story has reported

Toronto Blue Jays' Kevin Pillar Suspended, Fined Over Anti-Gay Slur

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar has been given a two-game suspension for hurling an anti-gay slur at Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte

GOPer Rick Brattin Has Yet To Apologize Or Face Censure For Calling Gays Less Than Human

A Republican representative from Missouri has yet to apologize or face censure for calling gay people less than human

High School Teacher Who Said Gay People 'Deserve To Die' Resigns

A California high school teacher who said that gay people 'deserve to die' has resigned

Missouri Rep. Rick Brattin Claims There's A 'Distinction' Between Human Beings And Gays

A Republican representative from Missouri created controversy when he said from the Missouri House floor that there is a 'distinction' between human beings and gay people

Bryan Fischer: Trump Failed To Stand Up To 'Homosexual' Activists Opposed To Mark Green

Christian conservative Bryan Fischer has accused President Donald Trump of failing to stand up to 'homosexual' activist opposed to the nomination of Mark Green

Trump Hosted Anti-LGBT Pastors Before Signing 'Religious Freedom' Order

The night before he signed a so-called religious freedom executive order, President Donald Trump dined with several Religious Right leaders

Kevin Swanson Claims Public Schools Want To Turn Kids Into Transgender Communists

Colorado pastor Kevin Swanson this week claimed that the agenda of public schools is to turn children into transgender communists

Roy Moore Claims He Suffered Persecution For Trying To Block Gay Marriage

In a radio interview on Monday, Roy Moore claimed that he was removed from the bench because he's opposed to the agenda of 'the homosexual and transgender groups'

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