Tony Perkins: Gay, Transgender Troops Create 'Moral Confusion' That Leads To Sexual Harassment

FRC President Tony Perkins said on Tuesday that openly gay, lesbian and transgender troops creates 'moral confusion' that leads to sexual harassment in the military

Alex Jones Claims That Spreading HIV Is Part Of Gay Culture

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed on Sunday that spreading HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is part of gay culture

Peter LaBarbera Outraged Over Star Trek's Gay Couple; Demands Ex-Gay Characters On TV

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, expressed outrage last week over news that Star Trek: Discovery features a gay couple

Egypt To Conduct 'Anal Exams' On Six Men Who Waved A Rainbow Flag At A Pop Concert

Egyptian authorities have arrested six men accused of waving a rainbow flag, a symbol of LGBT pride, during a pop concert in Cairo and are likely to conduct anal examinations on the suspects

Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Hold 'Straight Lives Matter' Rally In Sydney's Gay Village

Organizers behind a 'straight lives matter' rally on Saturday to promote 'white heteronormativity' claim 30 people attended, but police put the number at fewer than 15

Bryan Fischer Sides With Roy Moore On Criminalizing Homosexuality

Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Saturday tweeted that he agrees with leading U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore's view that gay sex should be illegal

KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger Hurls Homophobic Slur At Kathy Griffin

The CEO of KB Home, one of the nation's biggest homebuilders, was recorded by a security camera hurling slurs at comedian Kathy Griffin

Activists Call On Trump To Withdraw Anti-LGBT Judicial Nominee Jeff Mateer

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) on Friday called on President Donald Trump to withdraw the nomination of Jeff Mateer over his strong opposition to LGBT rights

Trump Judicial Nominee Jeff Mateer: Transgender Kids Part Of 'Satan's Plan' Of 'Destruction'

Jeff Mateer, President Donald Trump's nominee for a federal judgeship in Texas, once described transgender children as part of 'Satan's plan' of 'destruction'

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