Dispatch Company Fined $500 For Kicking Gay Man, Partner Out Of Cab

The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations has fined a dispatch company $500 over an incident involving a gay couple being thrown out of a cab

Star Parker Sides With Baker Who Refused To Serve Gay Couple

Syndicated columnist Star Parker has sided with a Colorado Baker who refused to serve a gay couple

LGBT Groups: Trump Administration Distorting Evidence To Prevent Transgender Enlistment

LGBT law groups suing the Trump administration over its ban on transgender troops say the government is distorting evidence to prevent transgender enlistment

Dave Daubenmire Suggests Vaccines Are Making People Gay, Transgender

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire suggested this week that vaccines might be making people lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender

Trump Administration Seeks To Delay Transgender People From Enlisting In Military

The Trump administration has asked a federal judge to delay the January 1, 2018 effective date for transgender people to enlist in the military

Rep. Trent Franks, Who Once Said Marriage Equality Threatens Nation, To Resign

Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, a Republican, on Thursday announced that he was resigning from Congress

PA Gov. Tom Wolf Criticizes Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's Homophobic Remarks

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has responded to homophobic remarks made by state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican, during a meeting of the House committee chairs

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Covers UK LGBT Glossy 'Attitude'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau covers the January issue of UK LGBT glossy 'Attitude'

Australian Parliament Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Australia's parliament has approved a same-sex marriage bill, making Australia the 25th nation to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples

Gay Man Denied Marriage License By Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis Running For Her Job

A gay man to whom Rowan, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis two years ago refused to issue a marriage license filed paperwork on Wednesday challenging her for her job

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