'Beauty And The Beast' To Be Shown In Malaysia With Gay Scene

Days after Disney rejected Malaysian censors' demands it cut a gay scene from Beauty and the Beast, the studio announced Tuesday that the film will be shown in Malaysia without any cuts

Malaysia Sought Cuts To 'Beauty And The Beast' Because It Does Not Recognize 'LGBT Ideology'

Malaysia's chief censor said in an interview this weekend that he sought cuts to Disney's Beauty and the Beast because Malaysia does not recognize 'LGBT ideology'

Russia Gives Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Adult-Only Rating Over Josh Gad's Gay Lefou

Russia said Tuesday that it would give Disney's upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast an adult-only rating due to the film's inclusion of a gay character

Irish Minister Leo Varadkar Could Make History As Ireland's First Openly Gay Prime Minister

An openly gay minister is considered the frontrunner to replace Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who is expected to step down before Easter

Russian Lawmaker Vitaly Milonov Calls For 'Beauty And The Beast' Ban For 'Gay Propaganda'

A Russian lawmaker is calling on the Russian government to ban Disney's upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast over a gay character

New Push For Gay Marriage In Germany

A new push to legalize same-sex marriage is taking shape in Germany

Gay Couples Begin Marrying In Finland

Gay and lesbian couples began marrying on Wednesday in Finland as a law approved by lawmakers in 2014 finally took effect

Church Of England Rejects Report Opposed To Gay Marriage

The Church of England on Wednesday rejected a report opposed to marriage equality

Peruvian Lawmakers Introduce Gay Marriage Bill On Valentine's Day

A bill that would end gay and lesbian couples being excluded from marriage was introduced on Valentine's Day in Peru

Anjali Lama Is First Transgender Model To Walk The Runway At An Indian Fashion Show

A Nepali last week became the first transgender model to walk the runway at a major Indian fashion show

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